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Which tool should I choose for dusting?

Dusting sounds like a relatively simple job. However, there are a few subtleties that can help you clean any dusty area quickly and efficiently. Each tool has its own use! There are two ways to collect dust: dustpan and feather duster.

The indoor sweeper

Indoor sweepers are a classic household item. They usually come with a scoop, to which the brush itself is attached. These scoops have a rubber edge to prevent dust from flying everywhere. Thanks to a hole in both the brush and the scoop, the tool can easily be attached to any wall.

The long-handled shovel

The little sister of the broom, it can be used to collect dust or waste over large areas, indoors or outdoors. The rubber-rimmed shovel provides a firm grip on the ground and ensures a draught-free collection area. It also has a reservoir to accommodate the small waste that may be found, for example, on the floor of a restaurant or terrace.

The outdoor sweeper

More robust than their counterparts, outdoor sweepers are an effective way of tending to the garden, the barbecue or the fireplace. The brushes, often made of coconut fibre, do not damage the most fragile outdoor surfaces, such as wood. Appreciated for their great durability, they can be accompanied by metal shovels that are not afraid of dirt, ashes or the ravages of time.

The duster

Once again, a classic in the household. Available in various sizes, for regular cleaning as well as for work at height, they are made of different materials. Synthetic fibres ensure quick cleaning, while microfibres, which are particularly good at trapping dust, are especially useful for effective cleaning without leaving any traces.