Find here the selection of hangers from Rozenbal. Our various ranges will meet all your household needs.

Which hanger should you choose for a tidy dressing room?

The metal hanger

Metal hangersare characterised by their sturdiness and above all by their infinite number of shapes which allow them to be used for all types of clothes and accessories (skirts, trousers, ties, etc.). The metal hanger is an economical and efficient solution to optimise the storage of your clothes in the smallest wardrobes.

The plastic hanger

Plastic resin hangers are always wrongly considered fragile, because apart from those at very low prices, they have real qualities of rigidity, durability and even feel. They also allow greater freedom in the "design" (rotating hook, non-slip spike...): they are practicalhangers or "coup de coeur".

The wooden hanger

Wooden coat hangersare the result of more than 50 years of know-how! Also known as moulded wood, bent wood can take on any shape and fit perfectly into curves. This is a major advantage that makes it more popular than ever in interior design.