Find here the selection of Rozenbal sponges and scourers. Our various ranges will meet all your household needs.

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Which sponge to choose?

Contrary to what you might think, the choice of a sponge is not really trivial. Of course, you have to take into account the need, but also the surface, the use... Rozenbal helps you to choose the perfect sponge.

The vegetable sponge

Multi-purpose, this more-than-classic sponge allows for effective cleaning on most surfaces. Thanks to its composition of wood pulp (cellulose) and its porous structure, it is able to absorb up to twenty times its weight. These great hydrophilic properties allow it to effectively clean difficult materials, such as cast iron, but also more fragile materials, such as ceramics. Finally, it remains particularly hygienic: it can be sterilised after use.

The scouring sponge

The scouring sponge, known as the "green pad", is made of an abrasive synthetic fibre. It can be used to clean surfaces that are more resistant to its composition, such as cast iron, stainless steel or certain glass dishes.

The sponge pad

The sponge pad has a vegetable or synthetic sponge on one side and an abrasive side, which is ideal for scrubbing your dishes and pots and pans and removing embedded dirt. Multi-use, the sponge pad will accompany you in all your cleaning undertakings.

The stainless steel ball sponge and pan cleaner

Highly abrasive, the stainless steel ball and pan cleaner are particularly suitable for difficult cleaning tasks such as scouring pots and pans, barbecue grills, etc. They can only be used on hard surfaces and are made of steel and stainless steel, intertwined in a looped wire. Particularly effective, they remove all dirt and grease. However, they often retain dirt and, as a result, cannot be used on their own in demanding hygienic conditions, such as a restaurant kitchen. Do not use on fragile surfaces.

The magic sponge

Similar to an eraser, this synthetic resin sponge removes stains quickly and effortlessly, simply moistened with water. It is particularly effective for cleaning painted wood, PVC and aluminium doors and windows, as well as garden furniture, leather shoes, walls and even household appliances! It remains slightly abrasive, so be sure to test on a hidden area before use.


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