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How to choose the right broom at Rozenbal?

Choosing a broom from Rozenbal is no easy task, as there seem to be so many different ones. In order to find the ideal broom, you need to determine what you want to use it for. Not all brooms are suitable for every task!

The right broom

The classic straight broom is recognisable by its strong fibres, which allow it to clean all hard and relatively smooth floors, such as kitchen tiles, effectively. The brush forms a straight line and the handle is screwed on at right angles to it, which makes it easy to store your broom.

The 1/2 head broom

The half-headed broom has a straight brush that is extended by a curl at the sides to form a semi-circle. The fibres are generally softer and more flexible, so they catch dust easily and leave no trace. Ideal for tiles or parquet.

The barber's broom

As the name implies, this broom is very effective when cleaning a floor with hair, which can easily cling to it. Usually made of rubber, it has a short bristle brush and is, of course, widely used in hairdressing salons. This broom is effective on all types of floors, even on carpets. Its main advantage is that it does not blow away dust.

The road sweeper

A classic outdoor cleaning tool, the road sweeper can be used to effectively sweep rough surfaces, such as a stone garden path or an outdoor concrete terrace. It is best not to use it indoors, however, as its fibres are very hard and could damage your tiles or parquet floor.

The coconut broom

The coir broom is the gentle counterpart of the roadside broom: thanks to its coir fibres, it cleans outdoor surfaces thoroughly without scratching them. It is an ideal broom for wooden decks. Widely used in industry, it is highly resistant to moisture. Particularly solid, it has a long service life and can withstand any storage constraints.