Find here the selection of small brushes from Rozenbal. Our various ranges will meet all your household needs.

Need help?

Which washing brush should I choose?

All our scrubbing brushes are made of hard fibres to ensure effective brushing of all surfaces. Their ergonomic shape makes them easy to use. Some of our brushes include a non-slip handle with or without a suction cup to attach it to your worktop or sink edge.

Which dishwasher brush should I choose?

Dishwashing brushes are more hygienic and environmentally friendly than sponges. This is because the fibres do not retain dirt, and less product is used because it is not absorbed into the sponge. They also last longer. However, these brushes come in different sizes: which one should you choose?

Handle brushes

Brushes with a handle allow you to clean your dishes more effectively than with a sponge. The reduced effort of the handle also ensures that you can scrape off dirt more thoroughly.

Tank brushes

The small round brushes fit in the palm of your hand and can hold washing-up liquid to ensure quick cleaning. Their ergonomic shape allows you to clean your pots, pans or plates efficiently without getting tired.